2nd Southeast European Ichthyological Conference (SEEIC)


Dear colleagues and friends, given the COVID-19 pandemic, its ongoing devastating results in many countries around the globe, and the foreseen continuation of restricted travel and quarantine in many countries, we are in favor of deciding to postpone the SEEIC 2020 conference for a more favorable period.

We are very aware about concerns for personal safety You may have during participation in the conference. While some European countries have already started to open their borders, and enable traveling of their citizens among them, with current epidemiological situation and trends, we are not sure how safe and secure You would feel during the SEEIC 2020 conference. Although the situation might be safer then it is now, we certainly wouldn’t want to take a risk with your safety.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation, not only in Croatia but also in other countries as well, and work on contingency plans if needed.

Official information and latest updates on COVID-19 situation in Croatia can be found at https://www.koronavirus.hr/en

A decision on the exact dates is deferred to consider the evolving situation, local arrangements and the international meeting agenda.

Please be sure to regularly check the website for updates.

SEEIC 2020 provides an ideal opportunity for researchers from the Southeast Europe or those who are interested in the region’s marine and freshwater ichthyofauna to meet and share their research findings, ideas and proposals. Scientists, students, managers, decision-makers and other ichthyology and fisheries professionals are invited to participate in this conference.

After more than the successful the 1st Southeast European Ichthyological Conference (SEEIC 2017) in Sarajevo hosted by the Faculty of Science (PMF UNSA) and Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (INGEB), under the auspices of the University of Sarajevo, we are now announcing the 2nd Southeast European Ichthyological Conference

The scientific program will include sessions and symposia on History of ichthyology, Taxonomy and Phylogeny, Biology and Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation, Molecular biology and Fisheries and Aquaculture. Participants are encouraged to make oral and/or poster presentations. Ichthyologists wishing to organize a symposium on a specific topic are encouraged to contact the organizers. The peer-reviewed full-text papers from the conference will be published in the journals Acta Adriatica (marine ecosystems) and the Croatian Journal of Fisheries (freshwater ecosystems).

Contact email: seeic2020@izor.hr