Supetar – island of Brač

Supetar is a town on the northern side of the Dalmatian island of Brač, in the Split – Dalmatia County, in Croatia. With more than 4000 inhabitants, he is breathing the original Dalmatian way of life. Supetar is a real island town and the biggest Brač’s village. A real heart of the island, it is also an excellent starting point for exploring this beautiful, diverse and very interesting island. Supetar is today the largest settlement on the island, also administrative, cultural, economic and touristic center and has a very good ferryboat connection with Split.

Supetar is an important port and connection to situated in the St. Peter's inlet after which was named, but also one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Besided the beautiful beaches, Supetar is rich of monuments and churches of which can be emphasized the parish church of St. Mary Annunciation but also of numerous work of art of the sculptor Ivan Rendić who passed a part of his life in Supetar. Not to be forgotten is also a Early Romanic church of St. Luke situated above Supetar. In Supetar one can find various types of accomodation and excellent gastronomic offer and is often a destination where, due to nearness and good sea lines, Split inhabitants often escape on weekends. This very trendy town is full of tourists during the summer season; the night life is very intensive and mostly concentrated on the open wide streets of this picturesque small town.

Old Supetar was situated on the small peninsula; the settlement came to an end during the early Christian era. In the late Middle Ages a new settlement started around the bay known as St. Peter's, from which the town derives its name. It originated from the Latin Sv. Petar during the Latin population of the town. "Sv" stands for "Sveti", meaning saint, therefore it takes its name from Saint Peter, which is the name's English equivalent translation. The present settlement of Supetar was founded in the 16th century when people living in Nerežišča, about 8 kilometres (5 miles) inland, began to use it as their harbour. The town's main period of development occurred during the 18th and 19th centuries when Supetar took over from Nerežišča as the administrative centre of the island of Brač. It became the island's official centre in 1827.